31 December 2019

Plans for 2020!

Every year Shelly Paglai of Prairie Moon Quilts does "the final countdown" at the end of the year. The tasks are meant to get you into a more organized place before the new year. Organizing your sewing space, finding unfinished projects and deciding if you want to finish them/downsize them and turn them into table runners, that sort of thing. The final challenge for 2019 is "Make some quilting plans for 2020." So here goes!

First, to finish the baby quilts that are sitting and waiting for quilting/binding/finishing. I have two tops in this state and one that just needs embroidery on the label before washing it up.

Second, there are seven babies born in the last year-ish (the oldest is about to turn one) who I would like to make quilts for.

Third, I want to start blogging about my quilts again. I do post pictures on the quilting subreddit as I go, but that's not a good write-up and will be hard for me to find in the future.

Fourth, I want to find at least a little time to work on my longer-term works in progress. The hand-quilted quilt for my bed, the English paper piecing quilt for my dad, the Civil War Love Letters blocks languishing in their bin...time to keep slowly working on those.

I want to do a better job picking patterns that use blocks I have leftover. I've got a stack of over 60 blue crumb blocks and 22 blue string blocks thanks to using them as leaders and enders for almost six months. I've got some leftover 9 patches from a bunch of quilts I did with those. I have some blocks I got from an estate sale. I need to use them somehow, not just let them sit around.

My leader/ender bounty

Progress on my newest niece's quilt (with canine helper)

Happy 2020!