29 August 2011

Stash Report Week Something

This stash report, well, confesses a lot. Because I bought 30 yards of fabric (15 yards of Kona Snow for sashings and 15 yards of the chocolate helicopters from the Ready, Set, Go! collection by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman...I'm a helicopter pilot who works with helicopter pilots who have babies. It'll get used!)...I don't know if/when I'll ever get back in the positive! Oh, and I have a question - should I count the blocks I'm making for the Civil War Love Letters Quilt as I make them? They're going to take ages to finish, so I would like to, but at the same time, that means I can't count them when they're a top. So many choices! Gah! If I include the blocks I've done, then I have used another .5 yards...but if I don't count them, then at the end I can have a massive amount come off when I've completed the top...but that may not be for another few months! Or longer!

Used this week: 1.8 yards ('s a start!)
Used year to date: 14.6 yards
Added this week: 30 yards
Added year to date: 90.8 yards
Net usage for 2011: (75.4 yards)

Fabric used:

Baby SM's Quilt Backing - 1 yards
Binding for SM's Quilt - .2 yards
Blocks for the Black Rock Stitchery - .3 yards
Block for August in the Scrap Busters' Bee - .1 yards

Baby SM's Quilt

Baby SM's Quilt was finished and delivered on a Sunday and she was born the following Tuesday. I finished it just in time! As for the quilting, I decided to do it all with my free-motion foot. I quilted in the ditch (with the FMF so it was all wobbly like a little kid drew on the quilting) on all of the stars. Then I tried out a few free-motion quilting techniques in the blank squares. Pattern is a edited version of Bonnie Hunter's Random Ohio Stars (I just scaled the stars down to make the quilt finish baby-sized).

Front of Quilt:

Back of Quilt:

My favorite free-motion block of all - it's based on Icicle Lights from the Free Motion Quilting Blog:

My favorite color combination block of all:

My mistake block (can't get by without confessing that one):

A few more awesome blocks and closer-in views of the quilt:

My new way of signing the backs of quilts - fussy cut helicopters from the Ready, Set, Go! collection by Robert Kaufman:

I hope you've enjoyed looking at this new quilt finish; hopefully I'll be able to blog a little more often in September as my schedule is supposed to be a bit less crazy. We'll see, but I hope to see you all again soon!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! And your FMQ looks great. For stitching in the ditch I use my walking foot because if I used the free motion foot I would probably be more out of the seam line than in the seam line - lol! I'm sure your quilt will be well loved :)

  2. Love your quilting, and the way of signing your quilts! Fun! My daughter wants to fly a helicopter...she finished her BS in applied computer science in 2010 and has been trying to have her own business: slow-go! I'm wondering when she will have enough to start her flying lessons; I sure can't help out with that!

  3. Wow! You've really been busy sewing! Love, love, love the Random Star Baby quilt!


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