04 September 2010

In which I explode from excitement

No, I'm not done with the quilt... or the cutting and squaring of the 9-patches. I am halfway done, and my cutting mat (that was bought and has been used since around 1998... maybe it's time for a new one?) is almost flat again (stupid movers). No, what I'm excited about is that I just found out that one of my friends here is a quilter!
How did I find this out? Well, she and I and a few other ladies were going to a really cool super huge music store about an hour away and we met up at this friend's house. We had never seen the whole house, so she gave us a tour of the upstairs as we never had been up there. And guess what was on one of the guest beds? A hand quilting hoop! I looked at it, looked at her, and said, "This is a quilting hoop" in a rather dazed voice (pretty original, right?) She said "yeah, I quilt... why, do you?" How cool is that? We talked about it in the car a little bit. She does it all by hand, but so did I until this past January, really. So yeah. I have a real life quilting friend! She is only the second quilter I have known in real life so this is a big deal for me.
As for my quilting, the picture at the top is my sewing table (sorry, I can't control where the picture shows up on the post) at this very instant. There is a green pile of 9-patch pieces, a brown pile of 9-patch pieces, some scrap batting, pins, broken camera, water bottle, and bag for scraps and strings. In the middle is my not quite flat cutting may with the next block to disappear. On the right is the pile of blocks that still need to disappear and my workhorse - a Janome Sewist 509. So there you have it. Nothing fancy, but it suits me just fine.

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  1. Awesome! A real life quilting friend!! I didn't have any real life ones until I got two of my work friends into quilting. I had to create my own from scratch but it's so fun being a little ahead of some people in the skills department. I love being the sage master dispensing hard learned advice when in real life I'm a total newbie.


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