12 January 2011

Stress, and a (hopefully) fun weekend coming up

Life has been stressful this week. I'm doing inventories, which takes a lot of time. Yesterday and today I had 8 hours of classes. I'm also helping a new couple get settled in (they've been here in Germany since this past Friday). My husband's on a business trip - he left at 3:40 am this morning and won't get back until a little after noon tomorrow. I miss him. :( This is the first time we've been apart since his long business trip that ended in November. At least it's only one day!

I found out today that I'm going to be changing jobs on Tuesday. I'll be going from my current staff job, where I'm only responsible for me, to a leadership position. I've trained for this job, and I knew I was going to have it at some point, but this is really sudden. I got the job ahead of a co-worker who technically had seniority over me too, which is confusing. I just don't feel ready in the least. I feel woefully inadequate, and not in a way I can fix between now and Tuesday. The problem with this job is it's going to potentially take even more of my time. Now, I'm lucky and have an understanding husband who also works full time and has no problem with helping out. After all, our hours are almost the same at work. He's usually the one that does the laundry because I hate it and don't think about it as often as I should. He's also a fantastic cook (and yes, ladies, he's taken, so stop drooling!) and is good at making me smile and feel loved. But we're going to have even less time for that now, let alone for me to get some quality time with Jenny the Janome. I'm really stressed over taking this new position, so when I got home from work tonight (alone, boo...) I treated myself to some fabric therapy. Just a bit of playing with fabric. Just being around fabric is calming. Does anybody else feel like that? That when you're stressed fabric can just soothe the frazzled nerves?

I know that this won't be anything that I can't handle in the long run. I know that I let myself get too comfortable where I was, and that I need to let myself stretch outside of my comfort zone. I know that no matter what happens I'll always have God, my husband, and my parents to love me. I could totally fail and fall flat on my face and they'd still love me. And knowing that is helping right now.

On the bright side, my husband and I are going to Prague this weekend. We're going to see the sights, especially the Charles Bridge, which was on a list of the top things you need to see in Europe while you're there. So we'll play around the city (and I'll hopefully get some pictures for ya'll to take a virtual European vacation!) for a few days and then come home and I change jobs. *sigh*

Thanks for letting me vent, and your prayers would definitely be appreciated for the next few weeks!


  1. Take that needed deep breath and enjoy your time away this weekend - it sounds like you really could use the distaction. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

  2. praying for you!! Sounds like you need some well deserved quilting time!! Enjoy your trip this weekend, sounds wonderful and can't wait to see pictures.

  3. I'm glad you will be taking your camera to Prague. even the cobblestone streets will inspire you. It's been many years since I went but I'm sure it is still wonderful.

  4. From my experience - the best jobs are those where you get thrown in. It happen to me before and always turned out great. YOU can DO it! You also will find a bit of time for some sewing.

    Have fun with your trip to Prague - defently worth seeing it ;-)


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