28 May 2017

A Finish, and SO MUCH FABRIC

I finished Baby R's quilt finally! Remind me to never do a quilt with this many pieces again...or with pieces that finish this small. Uggggggggggggg. Seriously.

Overlook all of the missing points...

The main blocks are a design I pulled from my copy of 5,500 Quilt Block Designs - design number 2460, "Rosie's Purina Whirligig." I drafted the alternate blocks myself, with the small squares finishing to .75", and the center square finishing to 2". Again, why do I hate myself? The fabrics in the chain of the alternate blocks are the same as the sashing in the recipient's older sister's baby quilt, though, and I didn't have much of it to work with.

It got a little warped hanging over the rocking chair.
I backed the quilt with a light blue fabric with brown polka dots on it I'd gotten on clearance from Fat Quarter Shop, and just so happened to have a perfect binding to go with it - a brown batik with light blue grass blades on it. I love when my stash comes through for me!

I love the binding!
Judy over at Patchwork Times isn't doing a stash report link-up anymore, but I really want to keep track of my fabric usage. I made a HUGE purchase at Joann's this week, and while everything has a project to be a part's a LOT of fabric. So I've got to make lots of quilts to get back into the black! I did finish another quilt this week, but it's currently in the wash so I'll have to blog about it later. I'm counting its yardage, though - I need all the help I can get!

Fabric Used This Week: 11 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 22 yards
Fabric Added This Week: 30.25
Fabric Added Year to Date: 36.5 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 14.5 yards gained

I also bought batting, since I was out of crib-sized batting and I still have 6 more quilts to make for friends, family, and coworkers. Here's a picture of the fabric I bought:

Most of what I got was from the clearance rack. I have 3 distinct themes for my next quilts - a green/pink quilt (the greens at the bottom, and the backing second from the top in the back pile), a school-theme quilt (the two fabrics on the right, and the backing is the third in the pile), and a pink/red/gray poppy theme quilt. I had very few lighter reds, and almost no grays in my stash. This is no longer teh case. And I found the best backing ever - poppies on a gray plaid background.

Hold me accountable, people...

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  1. 14.5 yards gained on your stash. You're my hero! Seriously, there are so many fabrics and so little time. I often live vicariously through the pictures on the blogs I follow. Your whirligig quilt is phenomenal. I didn't notice any missing points. I would love to have this one sitting on a chair in my house waiting to wrap someone up on a cold day.


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