23 March 2020

2019: A Trio Of Little Girls

The title is misleading. I didn't really get a picture of the first of this trio finished...but it has been waiting for the recipient to get me a mailing address. It's hard when you try to make something for someone who you've only met online, but I'm holding onto it in case the mom gets back to me with it.

I did a sort of experiment with these quilts that I'm not entirely sure I like the end result of, but they're done so...I guess it counts as a finish/win in the end. I used the idea and layout of Bonnie Hunter's Random Ohio Stars, but used the stars from her Sister's Choice quilt instead.

I made a lot of 9 patches in the two sizes (4.5" unfinished out of 1.5" strips and 6.5" unfinished out of 2.5" strips). The backgrounds for the big stars were neutral tan fabrics, the backgrounds for the small stars were darker brown fabrics, and the alternate blocks used big/busy print fabrics that I rarely use. This is the part I'm not a huge fan of - they make the quilt too busy against the 9 patch stars.

A little busy, but still pretty fun
I really like the quilting texture
Busy...but it's sewn together and given to its recipient
Stars everywhere!
Pink binding for a little girl with a very active older brother
The third quilt is very similar, for a little girl with three older brothers.

Overall view
Quilted texture
Backing, binding, and label
I stopped after making these quilts and put the leftover 9 patches away to use later.

The only picture I have so far of the first one I finished but have put away until I can confirm if I'm giving it to the intended recipient:

Binding with my cuddly old puppy

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