27 March 2020

Orchid, Brown, and Beige...

If you've looked at my blog for any length of time you've probably noticed that I am not good at doing controlled color schemes with my quilts. I can only think of a handful of quilts where I really stuck to a controlled color scheme. husband's cousin was pregnant with a little girl and, after asking through family members, I found out that the nursery theme colors were orchid, brown, and beige. I know just enough about this cousin to know that I should do a fairly modern quilt layout and settled on a chevron design (there was a specific design I'd found that inspired this quilt but I can't find it now...).

The hardest part about this quilt was choosing the shades of orchid. I had very little in my stash that was what I'd consider orchid. I bought quite a few different fabrics and eventually settled on these:

I already had the two on the left
I made crumb blocks with my tan and brown scraps and cut those into half square triangles that would finish at 4" finished, then paired those with the orchid triangles I'd cut to match. Each column was a consistent orchid fabric with the scrappy brown and tans as a background.

Completed top, the lighting is better on this to see the colors
Quilted and bound
Backing and binding
For a backing I used one of the fabrics that I'd ordered but was too pink for the front. I finished the quilt and washed it the night before we left for a trip where I could deliver the quilt by hand to the new mother and her family. Everybody loved the quilt, especially when I pointed out all of the brown and tan fabrics in this quilt that were in quilts I'd made for my kiddos and my other nieces and nephews. A little cliche, but there's a metaphor in there somewhere about quilting and familial ties that bind us together...

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