06 April 2020

Final Finish of 2019: A Brother's Coordinated Quilt

If you may recall, I made a "Twig Cabin" quilt for my first son back in 2016-2017. I realize that I never posted a finished picture of it, so this is going to be a post combining both quilts.

Twig's quilt was a 'streaks of lightning' layout of log cabin blocks. I backed it with an adorable print I had bought in Korea.
Blues, greens, oranges, and browns
These foxes are just adorable
When I had a second little boy ("Sprout"), I knew I wanted to do another log cabin block quilt in the same colors, but wanted it to be different still. I chose to do an on-point square illusion layout. I had to do more planning about what colors would be where, but I like the look it has.
Same block layout and size, but totally different look
Birch and bird backing
Since the first quilt had a green birch forest and blue binding I found a blue birch forest fabric and used a green binding on the second quilt to further differentiate the quilts.

Loaded on the frame, ready to go!
Freehand swirls and hearts <3
Tree binding
I've definitely gotten more adventurous with my longarm quilting. I still don't know that I'd call myself more than a confident beginner, but I'm getting there.

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