15 August 2010

In which I missed my fabric store

Today, on the drive home from Zugspitze (tallest mountain in Germany), my husband and I decided to stop by München (the German spelling of Munich) to hit up a quilting store. Now, quilting stores in the good old USA aren't that rare. Heck, you can even go to your local Joann Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics and find good quality quilting cottons, or even cottons in general. Bolt after bolt of fabric, all of which could potentially find a home in your quilt. Any one of them might be the perfect color or print!

But here where I live, I don't have that luxury. There are 3 fabric stores in town, but they have very very limited selection on quilting fabrics. Two of the stores have a scant collection (less than 10 bolts) of cotton fabric, but it's mixed in with all of the other fabrics and you have to feel every bolt to figure out which ones are usable. There is one store that has its "quilting fabric" separate from the other ones, which is nice, especially since it has over 50 bolts of various fabrics. 

Then I came across a blogger from München named Uli who told me about a quilting store there in München! I visited their website and was excited beyond belief. It was what I was trying to find here - a store full of just quilting fabric and other quilting paraphernalia! So, on the way home, my husband graciously offered to drive through München to visit the store. But I mis-typed the address into the GPS and it took us to the wrong side of town and, by the time we found the store, it had closed half an hour earlier. I looked into the window and it looked amazing - the setup seemed a bit like Quilting by the Bay, with fabric all along the walls, on display shelves in the middle of the floor, etc. I was really disappointed that it was closed, but at the same time I'm really excited for whenever I get to go back! 

That being said, I probably won't be back for a while...I could go tomorrow, but I may try visiting a fabric store in a closer city. München is a bit farther than I'd like to drive just to go to one store, and besides, I don't have my fabric! It's with all the rest of my stuff, waiting for delivery after I move into my new house. It's very hard, not to have fabric, and not to have a sewing machine. You don't know how much you'll miss it until you don't have it and won't have it for at least a few weeks. 

Anyways, enough's a beautiful-ish day (okay, so maybe that's wishful thinking...rain, thunderstorms, and partly cloudy all day), and I have some hand quilting I can work on. So enough rambling on the blog!


  1. Hi Emma, welcome to blogland!

  2. What a bummer about that fabric store. I'm disappointed for you and I hope you get back there soon. Welcome to blogland and I can't wait to see what you will be making! I've never met someone who had hermit crabs for a pet. How interesting!

  3. Thanks for commenting, Mandy and BaileyGirl5! I'm really excited to be blogging, so thanks for giving me encouragement that someone is actually reading. :)

    BaileyGirl5 - hermit crabs are fun pets, but if you ever decide to have some, do your online research as most pet stores don't realize what they need to live (they are actually long-lived and can last longer than 30 years in captivity if well cared for).

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. I've moved across the state but never to another country. Sounds like a real adventure. Best wishes to you as you get settled in your new home:)

  5. Thanks, Sandra! I'll be moved in by Monday/Tuesday (stuff comes on Tuesday)! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, it'll be crazy!


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