12 August 2010


Welcome to the Quilting Hermit! This post is a lot harder to write than I expected. What do you tell a potential reader about yourself so that you sound interesting and they will want to return? What do I tell you that isn't already in my Author page? I guess I can say hello, but that just sounds...well...awkward. 

So I guess I'll kind of introduce myself, as this is my introductory post. I'm Emma, and I've been quilting for 12 years now, but the first 11 years I hand-pieced, hand-quilted, and completely hand-bound my quilts and only made 3. I started using my new sewing machine for quilting in January of 2010 and am completely hooked. 

I'm married to a wonderful man, who has mostly accepted that I am a quilter and that there will always be sewing machines and fabric in our house. We don't have kids, and aren't planning to for a good long while (at least 8-10 years before I consider it). I have 6 hermit crabs, but they are living with my sister for the next 3 years as I'm living out of the country and the requirements to move hermit crabs from the US to Europe were not worth it at all. The crabs have their own blog at The Daily Hermit

I look forward to blogging about my quilting, my other crafty endeavors, and life in Europe. I hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I do!

God bless!

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