11 November 2010

Even more progress!

Pop-Pop's quilt binding is sewn down! I finished today since I had the day off for Veterans Day. It hasn't been washed yet because my washer takes between two and three hours to complete a load and I wasn't going to be awake to put it in the drier. Pictures will be posted as soon as it's been washed and dried!
The picture with this post shows the progress I've made on TX Mom's quilt. Row two of bluebonnets is now complete. This quilt is teaching me how to stress about it less. There are two places where a square and a triangle of the same fabric are touching but after spending some time staring at it I really just can't bring myself to care about it enough to rip it apart to fix it. Did you notice it when you looked at it? Or did you have to look specifically for it? Do you think it looks bad enough that I should redo it? I'm really curious about what you all think.


  1. I had to look a second time after reading your post - I havent noticed it at all. I think it looks good and you can leave it like it is - but I know how it is when something cought your I on a project..... seams, fabric, quilting..... it will always be the first thing you´ll see when you look at it (well a least with me) - so it depends how much it really bothers you.

  2. I'm looking, but I can't even find it. I think you are OK; OCD just slows us up. ;-)


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