03 November 2010

I am not dead

...but my computer is. My phone blogging app only lets me post one picture at a time and I have no completed quilts at home so no Bloggers Quilt Festival for me. Sigh. I can't even post links.
Never fear, I am still quilting! Pop-Pop's quilt just needs its binding hand sewn on and Mom's quilt top is about 2/3 done. I just have the tricky inset seams in my future.
I have run into a snag though. I wanted to do a scrappy brown sashing on TX Mom's quilt but have run out of brown fabric! I've looked around online and have found only one store with a "brown" Fay quarter bundle but last time I ordered from them it took almost two months to get here. Do any of you know of other stores that have color sorted FQ bundles? I need a variety of brown fabrics, not just a bunch of brown batiks. I'll accept free fabric too, haha. I'm only mostly kidding.
It's late, and I have an early morning. I promise pictures later! Good night!

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  1. Oh I hope you PC will work again any time soon.

    I have some brown fabrics - if you would like you can stop by and check my stash if there are some browns you would like to use. Onlinestores (havent ordered there yet) or


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